Sellers’ Home Inspection

In order to secure the highest selling price possible, and to avoid any potential mishaps, it’s essential that you receive a professional home inspection. There are a few steps to take in order to ensure that you receive a comprehensive home inspection and to ensure that things run smoothly.

  • Ensure that the water and power are on before your home inspector arrives.
  • Remove anything that might be blocking crawlspaces, closets, cabinets, etc.
  • Move all items (including furniture) away from the walls to allow for access.

-Clear access to the furnace, air conditioning, electrical panel, water heater, pool, pool pump housing, and anything else important to the inspection.

Increase your property value and ensure a sale with our professional Home Inspection services. Having a professional inspect each and every part of your home ensures that everything is working properly and that there’s no surprises for the eventual buyer. Additionally, a recently inspected home gives you credibility as a home seller, and means that people will be lining up for your open houses!

Sellers’ Home Inspection

How to Prepare For Your Home Inspection

Sellers’ Home Inspection

Water and power must be on in order to inspect your home properly. Please make sure these are on before I arrive.
Please Remove anything that could block the attic, basement, or crawlspace access areas or prohibit moving in or around them safely, prior to my arrival.  Personal items stored in these areas may impede my ability to see hidden problems in these areas. Also, items that are improperly stored or secured in attic areas could shift and could cause them to move during an inspection. To prevent the possibility of these items causing any damage,  please secure all items or remove them from the area.  I do not assume any responsibility for these items or the damage they could cause.
Move all items including furniture away from the walls so that I can access the walls, including electrical outlets and windows, etc.
Please clear any objects or plants from the following areas: I will need access to your furnace, air conditioner, electrical panel,  water heater, pool, and pool pump housing, etc.

Thank you for doing these simple things that will help me to inspect your home more thoroughly and help me to give you the best inspection possible.